The ALMOST man

My name is Bar Lev…. Meir Bar Lev
I was born long time ago….
Sometime in the past it occurred to me that to be perfect in one thing, makes you only “one thing”. In order to be perfect you have to spend most of your time in maintaining your perfection.

Well…. from my point of view it looks quit boring, no matter how much glory you get for it.

Since that moment of “inspiration” , I have been doing things imperfectly. That’s why I am almost everything… but perfect in nothing.

This way I can interact, feel and enjoy all the wonderful things that God created.

Now ….this attitude makes me

  • Almost an engineer
  • Almost a pilot
  • Almost a lover
  • Almost a constructor
  • Almost a carpenter
  • Almost a husband
  • Almost a father
  • Almost a son
  • Almost a sailor
  • Almost a blacksmith
  • Almost a hero
  • Almost an artist
  • Almost a designer
  • Almost a traveler
  • Almost a rabbi
  • Almost architect
  • Almost a programmer
  • Almost a businessman
  • Almost a manager

Why ALMOST? … Because for each of those “almost” I have done things but I have not done anything perfectly.  It does not mean that I have done it badly… I could do it better, but it’s just I preferred to go to the next thing and enjoy it also.

This site should document all, or should I say almost all, of my projects and other thing I have done.